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Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Yacht charters are one of the best ways to explore the lovely Mediterranean countries. From coastal France and lively Ibiza, to the idyllic islands in Greece, Croatia and Italy - all known for their beautiful landscape, friendly people, enchanting views and authentic culture - the vast Mediterranean is unlike any other place on earth. Boasting everything from golden sand beaches, rocky cliffs and sapphire blue waters, to traditional architecture, delicious fare and warm, welcoming people, the sunny coastal cities of the greater Mediterranean are some of the world’s best yacht charter destinations; one just waiting for you to come and dig it up.

Planning a luxurious yacht charter in the Mediterranean and don't know where to go? Consider the points below, and head to the Mediterranean for an unparalleled escape like you've never had before:

If you wish to get back in time and experience the "Old Europe", then head to Croatia. A yacht charter there will take you to numerous islands as well as historic coastal towns such Dubrovnik, Trogir, Split and Zadar. There is no surpise Croatia is gaining popularity as a charter destination.

France is perfect for yacht charter guests looking for a combination of beautiful nature, glamourous lifestyle and a very active nightlife. Visit places such as Cannes, St Tropez and Monte Carlo and party with the rich and famous.

Italy is equal part romantic and adventurous, featuring amazing scenery, beautiful historic towns, quaint coastal villages, and amazing food and wine. Endulge in the Italian art, history and local cuisine and experience the "la dolce vita".

On your yacht charter in Spain you will experience clear blue waters, beautiful beaches, bays, rocky peaks and lively harbors. From glamourous Ibiza, to quiet historic towns and fishing villages - Spain is the perfect destination for any charter guest.

Greece features some of the most spectacular coastline in all of the Mediterranean. If you are interested in history, then Greece is the place to visit and explore the many well-preserved monuments, artifacts, and ancient sites. Santorini, Mykonos are some of the most popular islands.

Turkey is usually less crowded than other destinations in the Mediterranean, making if perfect for charter guests that are looking for quieter experience full of history and beautiful nature. Explore historic ruins and beautiful scenery while on a charter in Turkey.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter Highlights

Countless Places to See: Bordered by three continents and 22 countries, the Mediterranean Sea has plenty of different places for yachters to anchor at and explore. If it's the island life you crave, set sail to Majorca, Ibiza, Corsica or even Sicily; and for a taste of glamour, head to South of France or Italy.

Ancient History, Everywhere You Turn: Setting sail on the Mediterranean Sea is like taking a step back in time. Yacht charter guests of all ages have the opportunity to see antiquity at its finest in places like Rome, Venice, Dubrovnik and Athens; while more adventurous yacht charter guests can follow the ancient courses of Ulysses or Phoenician navigators, perfect for the rugged minimalist, to experience it firsthand.

Wealth of Local Cuisine: If there's one thing the Mediterranean has become famous for (besides its beautiful beaches, idyllic waters and welcoming inhabitants), it's the way it incorporates a culinary culture into its everyday life. From the paella of Spain, to French pastries, Turkish delicacies, Italian wines and more, the Mediterranean promises a wealth of culinary delights for everyone to enjoy.

Inherent Culture: From its sunny shores and local fare, to its friendly people, lively music scene and appreciation for art, the countries in and around the Mediterranean Sea have a culture all of their own. Dotted with traditional, white-washed towns and historic ruins, some dating as far back as 6,000 years, the Mediterranean is rightly considered "the birthplace of Western culture."

Best time to charter a yacht in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean yacht charter season runs from the beginning of May through the end of September, with the height of the season being July and August. During these months, yachters will benefit from both warm climates and light winds. Additionally, July and August might be most ideal for Mediterranean yacht charters, but May-June and September are most underrated, given that outside temperatures are still comfortable and the sea itself is the perfect temperature for swimming. Plus, given that this time of year is just outside tourist season, yacht charter guests will have plentiful berths and anchorages to choose from, as well as less competition for sightseeing and restaurant reservations onshore.